Hire Tree Services Smartly

Before hiring a tree trimmer, ask for proof of insurance and a list of references. Also check for International Society of Arboriculture certification or Tree Care Industry Association accreditation.

Beware of contractors who knock on your door during the spring and summer months. They may claim to be working on another home in the neighborhood and offer you a “great deal,” but then they do only shoddy or incomplete work, according to member reviews on Angie’s List.

Once you’ve decided who to hire, tree trimmers and landscapers say it’s best to book as soon as possible for service.

Before the snow melts in Minnesota, Honl says he’s got room on his schedule to book clients for spring and summer maintenance, as well as pruning. He charges $85 for a one-hour visit to assess a homeowner’s property, but removal costs vary from a few hundred dollars for small, easily removable trees to more than $5,000 for large trees with limited access. These types of trees may need rigging or a landing target before chopping down.

Not all tree trimmers charge for consultations, and prices may vary depending on urgency, schedules and region.”
~ www.angieslist.com

“Take care of your trees before the Dallas winter storms hit. Tree trimming maintenance can save $$$ later in the long run!”
~ www.treewizards.com