When is Oak Wilt most active in North Texas each year?

OakWiltActive Oak Wilt season has traditionally been indicated as running from Valentines’ Day through Mothers’ Day.  However, each year, when we update our knowledge and training regarding this deadly disease, the season dates are becoming more and more conservative i.e. many experts peg the start date as February 1 and have it running through mid to late June each year.

These dates vary somewhat each year and depend on weather conditions.  Oak Wilt is a fungal disease, and fungus thrives in the abundance of moisture and (relative) lack of sunlight; and thrives in mild temps (i.e. does not thrive in extreme cold or heat).  Hence, the dates vary somewhat each year.  The increasingly conservative dates, and the progression of the disease into more and more neighborhoods annually, take into account the seasonal fluctuations it would appear.  Therefore, for the purposes of our future professional, responsible service to the community, White Rock Tree Wizards has established the active Oak Wilt season as running from February 1 through June 15.

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