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Tree Trimming, Dallas Tree Trimming Services, Tree Trimming SafetyThere are many misconceptions associated with when and how a tree should be trimmed or pruned. Improper and poorly timed trimming and pruning puts the health and possibly life of trees in danger. Many well-intended do-it-yourselfers have compromised their trees’ health due to incorrect technique and pruning in the wrong season. It is important to do your tree research before trimming any tree. Let our tree wizards that are properly trained by our Dallas, TX Tree Doctor trim your trees.

Contrary to popular belief, tree trimming is not a springtime ritual necessary to all trees. As a matter of fact, not all trees require an annual trimming at all. However, there are many reasons why a tree may need trimmed or pruned. While some of the reasons are obvious, others require a bit more knowledge of trees and the necessary pruning technique per variety. Most of the reasons for tree trimming fall into two categories: health and safety and curb appeal.

Tree Trimming for the Health and Safety of the Tree

When considering whether or not to prune your trees, the health and safety of the tree and your family should be high priority. Consider the following criteria to determine if your trees are in need of trimming:
  • A tree should be trimmed if it has experienced weather-related damage such as those caused by lightning strikes. Dead or injured branches reduce the overall health of a tree and may also fall and cause injury to people, pets and/or property.
  • A tree should be trimmed if it is diseased. Just as human illnesses can infect other people, a diseased tree may infect other trees or plants in close proximity. Also, a variety of different pests may be attracted to the diseased part of the tree. By tree trimming the diseased portion of a tree, the healthy portions of the tree may continue to grow and thrive.
  • A tree should be trimmed if it extends above the roof of your home or neighboring homes. Lightning, heavy wind and rain, snow and ice will all cause branches and limbs to detach from the tree. If the detached parts are above the roof of your home, they may cause significant damage to the structure of your home.

Tree Trimming for Curb Appeal

Trees may be trimmed to enhance a home’s curb appeal. Homeowners may choose to aesthetically enhance the exterior of their homes to improve the following: Tree Trimming
  • Tree trimming can improve the overall curb appeal of a property. Homeowners who have a lot of trees on their property may want to thin them out in order to provide the perception of a bigger property lot as well as to allow more light onto the property.
  • Tree trimming can improve the overall aesthetics of the actual trees. Tree trimming can be conducted to shape and sculpt trees to achieve a “groomed” or coiffed style reminiscent of an English garden.
  • Tree trimming can improve the overall function of a tree. Flowering or fruit-bearing trees can be trimmed to encourage better growth and denser blooms or fruit production, allowing for more attractive and/or useful trees.
Tree Wizards’ tree trimming professionals are knowledgeable on the proper technique and timing of the pruning of all trees common to the North Texas area. Employing a professional tree trimmer will allow a tree to maximize beauty and purpose to its fullest potential.

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