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Tree Wizards provides tree repair (i.e., tree surgery) services on an emergency basis and as part of a regular tree maintenance program. Tree repair is necessary for a variety of reasons. Because every tree is unique and the damage it experiences is unique, employing a professional arborist is essential to ensuring the overall health and safety of your trees. The following are examples of situations that require a professional tree repair expert:

  • Windstorms commonly cause severe tree damage.
    Tree Repair Strong winds frequently cause branches or limbs to pull away from the tree or to break off entirely. Trees that have been damaged as the result of a windstorm should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the tree as well as to prevent additional branches from falling and causing harm to people or property.
  • Lightning commonly causes unseen yet severe tree damage. Lightning damage is less straightforward than the damage caused by wind alone. Because of the electric current that runs through the tree when it is hit by lightning, the tree may experience an immediate death that is not obvious to the layperson. Lightning may also hit the tree root system during a summer storm, killing the tree without causing immediately obvious damage. The tree may continue to appear alive only to experience an “unexplainable” death in the winter. If you know or suspect that your tree has been hit by lightning, Tree Wizards’ professional tree repair experts can perform an initial tree repair immediately after the storm to lessen the damage caused by the lightning. Major surgery may be delayed in order to evaluate the tree’s long-term viability.
  • Tree Repair
  • Older trees may require repair in order to extend or maximize their life. With proper and regular care, trees normally live for many years without need for tree repair except under the unusual or unforeseen circumstances mentioned above. However, trees are living organisms that experience a range of diseases associated with aging. “Old age” tree repair is conducted on a tree-by-tree basis by Tree Wizards’ knowledgeable team of professional arborists.
  • Trees are often unintentionally damage by homeowners. Trees can be damaged when treated improperly. Usually an individual’s intention is not to deliberately hurt the tree, but it happens. A tree can be damaged when it is used to support one end of a cable, when a heavy chain is used to hang something from a branch or when a hook or other hardware penetrates the tree’s trunk or branches in order to support another object (i.e., a planter, swing, etc,). Tree repair in these cases are handled on a tree-by-tree basis by Tree Wizards’ knowledgeable team of professional arborists.
  • Trees can be damaged by decay and fungus. Like humans, trees get sick. Common signs of a sick tree are the presence of mushrooms or fungus growing around the base of the tree, bark missing from the tree or unusual growth around the base of the tree that does not ordinarily grow in its proximity. A sick tree may also lean in one direction – this is typically indicative of an unhealthy root system. Sick trees should receive immediate attention from a professional arborist.

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