Emergency tree service is something that we offer all of our clients. Adverse weather conditions can often have a dramatic effect on personal property and the land that surrounds it. Occasionally, inclement outdoor conditions can cause even the most rigid of natural structures to be felled or damaged and trees are some of the most common casualties in such circumstances.

Because of the overwhelming size of many trees, trying to rectify these problems personally can be quite dangerous, especially if power lines have come down during the storm. By using a service such as ours, a safe and effective outcome can be achieved with total peace of mind. As arboriculture specialists, we are able to deal with a multitude of situations and have many combined years of experience to offer.

As well as providing an immediate solution that deals with emergencies, we also provide a wide range of other services that include cabling, pruning, felling and bracing. We can diagnose an assortment of problems or diseases and respond to them accordingly.

Emergency Tree Services

“Emergency Tree Service should be handled by Arbor Care Specialists.”

Arboriculture as a profession does not come without its dangers. Although it is within the capabilities of anybody to put a chainsaw, a ladder and some ropes into a pick-up truck, the hazards that face a fully-skilled specialist are extensive. Experienced arborists working on behalf of a reputable emergency tree service will be backed by a catalogue of risk assessments that take every possible hazard into consideration as well as having sufficient knowledge and experience to deal with any eventual outcome that these dangers may present.

Although an emergency tree service will usually be called when an incident takes place, the underlying reasons behind such an emergency are many. Often, a tree will fall during adverse weather conditions such as violent storms or gales. Root structures can vary greatly from tree to tree and this will often depend on the quality of soil in the surrounding area. Trees tend to like moist, loose soil that is well oxygenated.

Anchoring roots that grow in heavy, compacted soil often struggle to penetrate the hard layers of clay beneath the ground and subsequently have around 90% of their root structures within the first 18 inches of soil. This makes certain trees more susceptible to strong winds, and sudden changes in wind direction can have a devastating effect.

Heavy rainfall can also be the cause of fallen trees, requiring emergency tree service. Excessive saturation during heavy storms can cause soil to loosen and thus make the root structure unstable. Lightning can also have a violent impact on trees and this is best explained by describing the tree as a conductor. Because the branches of trees sit high above ground level, the sap and moisture within them make the limbs a better magnet for electricity than air and this is the primary reason that so many trees become damaged during electrical storms. There will, of course, be times when a tree falls simply because of age.

In emergencies, we always arrive fully equipped to deal with the aftermath of arboriculture problems. Immediate concerns will center on making the situation safe before any other work can be carried out. As experienced emergency tree service specialists, we have the necessary skills to deal with fallen trees that have landed on power cables. Of course, we would first contact the appropriate power provider to take care of the power lines prior to removing any trees or branches.

We encourage you to keep our contact information handy, should some type of tree situation require emergency tree service.